HR Consulting


When the market changes, when your business grows fast or the opposite – new and more agile competitors are entering the market, you wonder if you have the right talents, if your organization is structured to fit the new goals or if your corporate culture sustains a deep transformation. This is a moment when a fresh, pragmatic and emotionally unbiased opinion becomes essential.

We advise our clients on an extensive range of HR topics: HR strategy, specialized HR topics, change management or HR transformation programs.

Retained HR Solutions


Nowadays, sound HR practices are not a luxury, but a must. For Start-ups and SMEs, we take full responsibility for the HR processes, acting as an internal department, but with a higher expertise, customer focus and initiative level. Or we can provide Interim management, design the strategy, recruit and build a capable internal department. Whatever solution fits better their plans.

Our retained HR services for Start-ups and SMEs give our clients access to highest level of HR expertise at a fraction of the cost. Full service at a fixed price.

HR Up-skilling & Coaching


We believe that the key driver that truly impacts an organization and its customers is the upskilling of the HR organization itself. We support HR upskilling through dedicated training for HR professionals or line managers.

Our training is delivered by practitioners with high level of field experience and expertise, that are able to distinguish the essence and the clutter, cut the buzzwords and fads and deliver cutting-age, data-driven and pragmatic programs.



Many companies are focusing on managing performance. We think that, instead, you should pay more attention to recruitment. Great talents do not need close performance management. You just get them, develop and keep them motivated.

We help our clients recruit specialized and managerial positions, assessing skills, knowledge, but most important, attitude and cultural fit. And among all, we are particularly proud of our ability to identify HR talents.